Monday, January 10, 2011



                          1 Kilo             Leg meat,boned and cut into medium chunks
                          2 pcs              Bay leave
                          1/4  cup          Oil
                          4 pcs              Large onions sliced
                          4-6 cloves      Garlic sliced
                          1 tbs               Ginger freshly  chopped
                          2 small            Green hot pepper sliced
                          2 large            Green bell pepper
                          3 large            Tomato cubed
                          2 tsp               Salt
                          1 tsp               Curry powder
                          1/4                  Black pepper


                      1 .Rinse the meat  well.

                      2.Place a meduium  pot,add one onions and 4 cups water,add bay leaves,bring to boil.discard
                         the scum;cover the pot  and let cook  over medium heat  50-60 minutes until the meat is well

                      3.Drain the meat;keep 3/4 cup of broth  set the meat aside.

                      4.In a deep frying pan heat the oil ,add onions stir until golden brown.add the garlic,ginger,and
                         hot pepper :stir for 1 minute .

                      5.Add cooked meat  to the onions,stir for 2-3 minutes until golden brown

                      6.Add the bell pepper and tomato ,stir fry  on high heat  for 2-3 minutes

                      7. Add the broth ,salt,curry.and black pepper ,mix well ,leave the meat  on low heat for 15-20
                          minutes until little broth remain.

                      8.Serve hot with rice,

Sunday, January 9, 2011


 Cooking is my second hobbies or let say my second apple of my eyes....I love to cook and explore in the i want to start sharing all that i knowledge that i have, about cooking and stuff  and generally everything about kitchen...i do believe that the food is more yummier if you are making  it .with all your heart..some  are gifted  chef and some acquired from learning in school,self studied,etc..but after all u can be  A chef by your own way at your own Lets start cooking.....

Cherry  Diwaten

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kitchen Designs 2010

Kitchen is my favorite part or place in my house..i want to share this video,this the kitchen design 2010.this page is not just only for u can find tips and everything that matters in the kitchen...from designing,maintenance,recipe,healthy tips,and how to ...